Andre Galvao


Career Start

Professor Andre Galvao had gotten an early start in grappling, training the takedown art of Judo as a kid.  At some point in his teens, his older brother convinced him to try his hand at budding art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  His first Jiu Jitsu coach, Luis Carlos Dagmar, or ‘Careca’, realized Andre’s talent from the beginning and had groomed him for two years before he knew Andre would need the likes of a modern World Champion.  Careca looked no further than the charismatic Fernando ‘Terere’ (pronounced Ted-ed-day).  Under the tutelage of Terere and the Alliance team, Andre would grow into the early dominate force he was at the lower ranks, and when Terere split from the Alliance banner to take charge of is own team TT with partner Eduardo Telles, Andre followed.

World Champion

Now under the newly formed super team, Andre climb through the Jiu Jitsu belt system winning the World Championships at every belt (weight class and absolute) until he burst onto the black belt division in 2005 winning the biggest title in all of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the Mundial ‘World’ Championships.  He repeated in 2008.  After reaching the pinnacle in Jiu Jitsu, Andre knew it was time to create his own legacy by starting his own, and our current team, ATOS.  His co-partner and great friend Ramon Lemos, who also helped found ATOS, went on to become The UFC’s Anderson Silva’s Head Jiu Jitsu Instructor, while Andre himself took part in the budding MMA scene.


Andre fought MMA from 2008 to 2010 in such organizations as the Japanese based Dream, and state-side organization Strikeforce, before it was eventually added into the UFC itself.  By the middle of 2010, with a winning 6-2 record and a new family started, Professor Galvao decided to settle down in San Diego, California to open his own Jiu Jitsu Academy.  Since then, Professor Galvao has built his team from the ground up and has produced World Champions, Pan American Champions and NOGI world champions from blue to brown belt.  By the summer of 2011 though, Andre would once again find himself at the staring at the apex of the grappling world.


The ADCC is the most prestigious biannual mixed grappling competition in the world.  Competitors will shed their Gi’s or various uniforms for a simple pair of grappling shorts.  From Russian wrestlers to Japanese judoka, this mixed, but predominantly Jiu Jitsu based tournament is funded and ran by the Sheik Tahoon of the UAE after he discovered Jiu Jitsu.  Professor Galvao had the deepest and most dangerous division, but still went on to run a clean sweep of both his weight division and the weight-limitless Absolute division.  Though the World Championships are biggest event on the IBJJF event calendar, a win in the Absolute division in the ADCC carries almost, if not more weight and bragging rights.  When Andre came back home his academy fell into a prosperous growth that expanded the talent and the members over the academy, so more changes were in order.


With the sudden growth that fell on Andre and the team, there was only one option… Expand!  Empty bays next door were rented and walls were knocked down. The mat space tripled over the course of 2012 and so did the student base.  Now up and comers like Michael Liera Jr and Mike Carbullido joined the team, Rolando Sampson followed suit.  These kids went on to become the pillars of the competition team, and in them Andre instilled all he knew about Jiu Jitsu and competing.  Top stars from the Jiu Jitsu scene were dropping by everyday, MMA stars based in San Diego would also find their way to Andre and his team of young guns.  Early in 2013 a great departure of talent happened to the Lloyd Irvin team and former rivals and BJJ standouts like JT Torres and Keenan Cornelius made their way to San Diego and bolstered the already fierce team.   All this would help Andre overcome his greatest hurdle yet in competition.


ADCC 2013:  In 2013, the ADCC had made its biannual pass and this time, the ancient city of Shanghai, China was selected as the venue.  Since becoming the 2011 ADCC absolute champion, Andre had been moved up to the Champions’ Super Fight, where he would face the reigning title holder, winner of the 2009 absolute and 2011 super fight, Braulio Estima.  Andre had placed third in 2009 after loosing his semi-final match to the long and slender Estima, who’s flexibility and range are a nightmare for any competitor.  Andre had himself a secret weapon  though, his team was now no long just a rag tag group of kids.  They were world champions and some, black belts.  The match between these two greats was taught as a rope, nobody making any missteps.  Andre tried to pass while Estima used his long legs to keep Andre at bay, until in a flash, Andre passed while Estima was just a hair to late.  Estima tried to turtle up by giving his back, and Andre locked up his neck with a rear naked choke, force the tap around the 12 minute mark.  Andre had submitted his rival, and is now the reigning Champion of the ADCC, set do defend his crown in 2015 (Update:  Andre also won his Super Fight in 2015 and now is set to defend the title one more time in 2017 against his personal friend and teammate, Cluadio Calasans.)


  • Worlds 2014: Heavy Weight Champion
  • Worlds 2016: Heavy Weight Champion
  • 2014 Pan Ams: Ultra Heavy and Absolute Champion
  • Europeans 2015: Ultra Heavy and Absolute Champion
  • ADCC 2015:  Super Fight Champion
flying arm bar-3

Flying arm bar

Andre in action

Andre in action

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