The Gym

We have you covered


Huge clean mat space


Shower with 2 bathrooms (handicap-accessible)


Comfortable sitting and waiting area


ATOS BJJ — Clean and always ready

What we offer

At Atos West Chester, you will be able to learn the most successful style of Jiu Jitsu available today. We are at the forefront of a movement, the first Atos-branded association outside of Atos Jiu Jitsu headquarters in San Diego. You can learn all the tried and true techniques of Professor and World Champion Andre Galvao.  We have ample, clean mat space; two full-sized, handicap accessible bathrooms with a full-sized, handicapped accessible shower. Parking is also never an issue here!  All of this located directly in West Chester, four blocks from WCU campus, in an easy-to-access shopping center. Raised in Chester County, our staff is here to answer any and all questions at your convenience, so contact us today.

Our foundation is simple: Clean, Comfortable, and Customer Service.

Our facility owns over a thousand sq ft of clean and comfortable mat space, provided by Zebra Mats, the best training mats available . We also have two full sized bathrooms as well as a full sized shower that are all handicap accessible!  A sitting area is available for students and parents alike to watch the ongoing classes, directly in front of the mat. Parents on-the-run will find us located next to all the modern conveniences that West Chester offers, so errands can be done while their child takes part in our Kids program.  We are here for you, so we put great effort into making this not just a great place to train, but a great place to be.

Clean and Always Ready

Parents or students will never have to worry about cleanliness of our facility. We clean our mats after every class period with the gold standard of mat cleaning products, Zebra Mats Neutral Mat Cleaner.  Bathrooms and the shower are always cleaned daily.  Everyone is welcome to use of the shower, so you can go right to work without having to drive home first!   The spring and summer can wreck havoc on our sinuses, but inside our temperature controlled and air filtered building, you can find refuge from the sneezes and sniffles you or your child might suffer.

  • Cleaned daily
  • Clean mats — Always
  • Clean bathrooms and shower
  • Temperature controlled building with filtered air
  • Customer Service is Our Priority

Locally Awesome

We are a local and full-time gym that has classes throughout the day, 6 days a week. We understand how frustrating it can be when you don’t get the information you want, so our Customer Service is treated with special care. Our managerial team, brought up in Chester County, will answer phone calls or return messages in a timely manner so you can ask the questions you want and get answers when you want them. Our phones hours are from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM and we check our emails regularly throughout the day.

  • All calls are answered by friendly and approachable staff
  • Safe environment for kids, no bullying!
  • Parking
  • Close to Campus
  • Military, Police and fire, Student discounts.
  • A Local and family ran business.



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